2023 Proposed budget

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governing board vote

Former governing board member, Ace Castro, makes up our “votable slate” for incoming board members. Ace served Crossroads faithfully for one successful term from 2020-2021. He stepped away from the post at that time to focus on a dual role of Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor. He now returns to aid us in our time of need.

governing board:
thank you

A grand “THANK YOU” to governing board stand-in, Matt Frame, for generously aiding our governing board these past few months. Matt stepped in to a vacated position which left our board in great need. Matt’s expertise and steady hand brought both balance and thoroughness to the board during this tumultuous season. 

Thank you, Matt, from our Crossroads Family!

Embracing Jesus
Loving One Another
Joining God in All Things

We believe the best version of humanity is Jesus.
Life is discovered and RENEWED in Jesus & nowhere else.
When every human resembles Jesus in every aspect of humanity,
we will find God's Heaven to be fully present right here on Earth!

As a "church" we are an uncommon family of humans who are united by our curiosity in Jesus. We are all willing to allow Jesus' "Spirit" (who raised him from the dead) to RENEW our lives, and to RENEW all our relationships. Together, we strive to look and live most like Jesus, who is the best version of humanity.

As a non-profit organization we are motivated to explore, learn, grow & give God's incredible love which he has deployed to all humanity in order to RENEW his incomparable life within all of us for God's greater mission (not merely one organization). Our "church" exists for Jesus and his mission.

We are the sum of our people and the capacity God has built within each of us together. We are a reflection of God's gifts through this local group of people. How has God wired and gifted you? What do you bring to a local community? Are we a good fit together? We are committed to figuring this out together.

Here we go!

Informal gatherings

Taco Tuesdays
Movie nights
Local Mission
service projects
music nights
Food & more food...

Connect with us to get in the loop!

Our "Formal" gatherings

Saturdays 6:30-7:30pm
@ 3 Elm Street
(Union Cafe)
Vernon, CT 06066

Informal hangout 7:30pm - ???


God is on a mission: to RENEW our world.

God has loved us through Jesus 

and has invited us to join him on this mission.

At the center of humanity is God. He has placed his very identity of Jesus inside of all humanity and has been on a MISSION to renew his identity within us since we humans decided to go another direction away from him. Thankfully, God did not leave us in our mess! Jesus has brought love to us and modeled true humanity for us. He’s given us his Spirit to now live just like him and usher his incredible Kingdom into our world. 

Let’s get going!

We are grateful for our team of financial supporters!
We continue to love our locale because we are in this together.



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