Embracing Jesus
loving One Another
Redeeming our world

We love Jesus & we love our community.
We are a family of Jesus' disciples committed to making disciple-makers who embrace Jesus in all things, practice loving our neighbors, and empowering and commissioning God's redeemed.


God is on a mission: to redeem our world.

He has loved us and invited us to join him on this mission.

At the center of humanity is God. He has placed his very identity inside of us all humanity and has been on a MISSION to redeem this identity within us since we humans messed up his creation. Thankfully, God did not leave us in our mess! Jesus has brought love to us and modeled true humanity for us. He’s given us his Spirit to now live just like him. Let’s get going!



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Come, grow with us!

We are investing greatly in our future! We have been commissioned by Jesus to make disciples who make disciples [Matthew 28:18-20]. We believe our youngest children will someday proclaim the name of Jesus and train others to reflect Jesus’ life. We believe our adults are ready now to reflect Jesus throughout their spheres of influence and are capable of leading others to hear Jesus’ voice and respond daily to his love and direction. Are you already on this mission with Jesus? Come join us!

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