Embrace Jesus
love One Another
Redeem our world

We love Jesus! We are a family of Jesus followers who have been rescued, redeemed and invited into relationship with the one, true God and with each other through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


We gather frequently to connect UP with God and embrace Him in relationship.

We gather frequently to connect IN and love one another as a Jesus-family.

We gather frequently to join God OUT on his mission to redeem our world


Get your Bible and join us in our current learning series: 

Hearing God’s Voice

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God is on a mission. 

He has invited us to join him.

At the center of our lives is God. He has placed his very identity inside of us all and has been on a MISSION to redeem this identity within us since the beginning. We are simply joining God in what he is already doing in our spheres of influence. Jesus has brought perfect love, redemption, rescue and revival. Let’s get going!

Read Together.

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This is a fantastic place full of great people. I encourage everyone to come!

Peter S.

Our space to practice being Christian.


Get ready.

We are growing!

We are investing greatly in our future! We have been commissioned by Jesus to make disciples who make disciples [Matthew 28:18-20]. We believe our youngest children will someday proclaim the name of Jesus and train others to reflect Jesus’ life. We believe our adults are ready now to reflect Jesus throughout their spheres of influence and are capable of leading others to hear Jesus’ voice and respond daily to his love and direction.

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Sunday @ 10am

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