“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.” – Deuteronomy 6:5

At Crossroads, we believe that worship is way more than just singing a few songs on a Sunday morning. It’s a whole way of life in which everything we do is in response to who God is and what He has done in our lives. With this mindset, worship happens in our homes and workplaces, on our daily commute and as we do our errands, while we sing aloud and as we pray silently. We invite you to join us as we all continue to learn what it means to worship the Lord our God in every moment big and small.

Some organized ways we engage in worship together:

Musical worship – God has blessed our church with very talented musicians and singers who make up our band! These dedicated individuals lead us into God’s presence through music each week during our regular Sunday service (and sometimes on special occasions outside of Sunday morning). The music is contemporary, and our guitars and drums rock the house sometimes. If you listen to Christian radio stations like K-Love, you may hear some of the same songs that we sing at Crossroads (but don’t worry…the words are on the screen, and you can pick them up easily even if you’ve never heard them before). Here are some examples of songs you might hear if you join us on a Sunday morning:

Prayer – Crossroads is a church that believes strongly in the power of prayer, and we try to find ways to come together in prayer on a regular basis. We have a special time of prayer together as a congregation during each Sunday service, and there are many opportunities for smaller groups of people to pray together. Check out our prayer page for more information about our monthly First Friday prayer gathering and to submit a request for prayer.

Giving – At Crossroads, we believe giving is also an act of worship. Everything we have (including our time, talents, and financial resources) is a gift from the Lord, and He invites us to invest in the work of His Kingdom. This means engaging in service, sharing our time with one another, and contributing financially to the work God has called us to in our communities.