Our Crossroads family seeks to love and serve each other and our greater community by following the example of God’s love shown to us through Christ Jesus. We do this in many ways, but the key is that we do it together in all areas of our lives…in our homes, around our neighborhoods, and in our workplaces. We value both organized and organic life together.

Organic Life

As a church family, we seek healthy relationships in which Christ Jesus is central and through which we grow in our maturity as we follow Him together. This means that we take time apart from formal church gatherings and events to visit over coffee, share meals together, play music, and even go to the gym. The key is to do life together, whatever the activity. These are incredible opportunities to share life together in informal, organic ways…and in ways that are inviting to family, friends, and neighbors! What to find out more about what organic life is like at Crossroads? Join us on Sunday morning for a cup of coffee before our service!

Organized Life

In addition to enjoying organic times with others in the Crossroads family, we also take the time to plan out organized opportunities for individuals and groups to grow together in our love for God and for each other. These times also give us a chance to serve God and one another in a variety of ways. Organized activities happen in multiple rhythms and range from our weekly Sunday worship service and small group gatherings to our monthly First Friday prayer meeting to special annual events like our Vacation Bible Adventure.

Visit our announcements and calendar page for the inside scoop on some of the organized activities we plan weekly, monthly, and annually!