Life together.


God’s great love has been expressed through the person of Jesus Christ. When we embrace Jesus we adhere to and seek to imitate his words, works and ways and his identity becomes our identity. This is the starting line for our being (who we are) and our doing (what we do).

Our worship, prayer, bible study, large & small group gatherings are some of the ways we UP…


Based on Jesus’ great commandment to love God and love one another, we recognize we only know how to love because God first loved us. 

Our life together sharing food, faith, family and friendship. Eating, playing, caring & sharing are some of the ways we IN…


Through Jesus, God is calling every human as well as our physical, tangible world back toward His perfect, unbroken identity. God has already entered the brokenness of our world (in which we each currently live and interact) and is bent on redeeming it. We are joining with God in redeeming our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and greater community. 

Being present in our community (relationships, networking and events), proclaiming the gospel of Jesus, and building equity in these relationships over time are some of the ways we UP…


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