the gospel

The Gospel of Jesus is the best version of God’s story of King Jesus that currently leads us to believe him, receive him, to be daily saved by him and sanctified into Jesus’ likeness. There are as many configurations of The Gospel as there are audiences to listen. What is a Christian without proclamation of the Gospel to those around who will hear? In this series we will examine and practice speaking the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

why god why

Difficult questions come, especially during the COVID-19 quarantine that has plagued us in 2020. As we look to the Psalms we find some “violently honest” efforts to deal with harsh realities from both humans and God. We selected Psalms 50-55 and partnered with Faith Alliance Church (Attleboro, MA) during this crisis. 

the story of jesus

The story of Jesus (aka. the Gospel) was told every time Jesus’ followers got together. John spoke of his direct experiences and then passed along these stories for the generations who may not experience Jesus in person but most certainly his Spirit. 

John wrote these things that we might believe & have life in Jesus’ name.


Have you ever felt like life was out of rhythm? Lots of work. Always on the go. Have you ever wondered what rhythms of life has God has set in motion for all mankind? What does is look like to calibrate our lives to God’s rhythm? Can we actually approach our life work out of resting and abiding with him? This was Jesus’ practice and he meant for us to get in on this, too. Join fellow Crossroadie, Bambi Mroz, in learning God’s “unforced rhythms of grace.”


Unto us a child is born. To us a son is given. And his name shall be called, Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Let’s explore together God’s all-time greatest gift to humanity: the first advent of Jesus!

remembering joe 08.28.19

Joe Fiume was one of us and used mightily by Jesus to impact many of our lives. In this recording from December 5, 2010, Joe encourages us to take advantage of our “benefits package” God lists in Psalm 103. Joe leverages his days in trucking, prison ministry, and his newly born granddaughter to graciously remind us of God’s great love. Listen for Joe’s giggles at the end as he holds her and she touches his mic. Joe passed from this life August 28, 2018.


What is God’s plan to bring about his perfect Kingdom of love, salvation and sanctification? Through people like Titus…and people like us. 

Join Razvan Stoian, our Visiting Preacher, for this series through Titus as we learn God’s ways and God’s leadership.


How is God shaping you? Where has God sent you? How does it feel to answer these questions? Biblically speaking, God has and is doing both in your life right now and the end goal is to look just like Jesus, the perfectly shaped and sent human form of God. Join us in this VALUE series (NEXT) as we continue to be a church family who joins God in his embracing, loving and redeeming work.


Jesus’ road to resurrection went through the Table, the Garden, the Trial and the Cross. All were essential and all pointed to his glorious moment of raising from the dead. Death no longer has power and no longer has a sting. Do we trust God? Do we trust that all we need is Jesus? Join us and experience the new and only life in Jesus Christ, our resurrected Savior!


God is speaking. Can you hear him? Hearing God’s voice is the most crucial aspect to our lives on this earth. From the beginning we explore God speaking life into existence and his intention for us to listen ever since. Jesus authored and perfected this listening skill. Join us as we look to Jesus to help us hone in this aspect in our lives today.



Our VALUES define the road on which we walk and, consequently, the paths we will not take. These are our boundaries, road marks, checks & balances to help us look more and more like Jesus and allow him to be most real in our midst as he continues to build his church.


"The story"

We spent a year of Sunday mornings and small group time going through and discussing the entire Bible…incredible! This seemingly intimidating book actually works together as a whole to point us to Jesus. It’s as if God designed it to reveal to all of us who he truly is. Oh, and we can know him personally. This is love!



Here is the audio archive of other Sunday morning teaching dating back to 2017.

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