PEACE is not merely the absence of conflict but the status of things being in alignment. No cracks. No voids. The Bible says Jesus, himself, is our PEACE. He is the Prince of Peace. At the foot of the cross he blood became our peace with God. Have you noticed you are out of alignment with God yet? For all of humanity this is incredible news because now we have THE WAY to be realigned: his name is JESUS!


JOY is the decision to rest our faith and hope in the POWER of Jesus’ life and love. Jesus’ name means “The Lord our Savior.” If he is to be mankind’s Savior, what is it we need saving from? The answer is our sin and the unrighteous status that results in a severed relationship with God, our Creator and Father. No man, save Jesus, can make this right. And when he is victorious through death and resurrection, his victory becomes our victory. His power in overcoming is our JOY!  


Is it faith or faithfulness? If you want to see what you are hoping for in this life you need only look at the evidence of your daily faithfulness. Faith is the daily investment of trust in God’s promises that adds up over time, like a savings or retirement account. Invest early! Invest often! There are over 90 promises God makes throughout the Old Testament fulfilled either in Jesus’ first arrival (Christmas) or that we still await in his return. “God who promised is faithful.”



Throughout the Bible God continually tells us “I WILL” do this or that. This is the fodder for HOPE. Hope is the eager expectation of God fulfilling precisely what he said he will do. Hope is the sum of faith and patience. Hope tethers, or anchors us, to Jesus and promises his glory in us. Ultimately, Jesus has told us “he will coming again.” In hope we eagerly await he arrival!

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