Unto us this Jesus was born. And he is called Wonderful Counselor. What does this mean? How does Jesus represent the full wonder of God’s counsel? Let’s explore this aspect of our God’s all-time greatest gift to humanity.


(2) Almighty God

And the government will be on Jesus’ shoulders. And he shall be called Almighty God. What does this mean? How is the Most High God supposed to be a human? Mary received the call and sings out in praise and declaration. Let’s explore the way of Jesus and the might of God.


(3) Everlasting father

And he shall be called Everlasting Father. Jesus came in with a bang. So, how could an eternal being exist in finite form? As an expecting step-father, Joseph needed some fatherly advice. Explore with us how God speaks with Joseph as an eternal father through four dreams.


(4) Prince of peace

And he shall be called Prince of Peace. What is this peace? Imagine a brick wall that is falling apart. Is it enough to stop the growing hole? What if we had someone who could repair the wall and restore it to it’s proper glory? We are the wall. Jesus is the restorer. His peace is complete once we are restored. Glory to God in the highest!


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