Hearing god's voice


What does God’s voice sound like? How do I know it’s God’s voice and not my own? What do guinea pigs, dogs and kids all have in common? The bottom line of knowing God’s voice is discernment and mature discernment comes through experience. Let’s begin experiencing God and keep going!


2.3 thankful

How much does thankfulness affect our ability to hear God’s voice? Thankfulness is a super-natural ability to get our focus off of ourself and onto one who is loving you and extending incredible grace. Could it actually help you hear God? Give it a try and let us know.



How much does posture affect communication? Are you present? Making eye contact? Engaged? Or are you thinking of what you’re going to say next or even about an item on your agenda? What is your posture towards God? Does it affect your listening ability? What is God’s posture toward you? Warning: this just might wake you up a bit.



What do I believe? Can I believe something so strongly that I am unable to hear the voice of truth? There was an Emperor who wanted so badly to believe he had “new clothes” that he walked through his town naked against the truth that was audibly spoken. What are you believing that keeps you from God’s voice of truth?


1.4 Go!

God’s voice is ringing out through rain and snow. It goes from him, it accomplishes his purpose. Then it returns to him. God’s word repeats this pattern. Does God intend us to follow the same? Go from him. Accomplish his purpose. Return. [Part 4 of Isaiah 55]


1.3 higher

Are God’s ways really higher than our ways. If so, we’ve got a hole lot of change ahead for ourselves. In this teaching we take a look at three categories of sin that easily entangle us: appetite, ambition and approval. Jesus faced all three and was victorious. Will we follow his higher ways to take hold of the life he is holding out to us? [Part 3 of Isaiah 55]


1.2 turn

Have you ever been in the presence of a “star”? Something in us changes and we may act weirder than normal. What happens when we are in God’s presence? Peter was in the presence of Jesus, who apparently knew more about fishing than Peter the professional. “Away from me,” Peter says, “for I am a sinful man.” Something needs to change when we hear God’s voice.  [Part 2 of Isaiah 55]


1.1 come

God is speaking. What is he saying? What if he is inviting us into his presence? What if he desires to form a partnership with us? What if he loves us? We begin a sub-series through Isaiah 55 in which we find all that God is speaking, doing and desiring. What would happen if we tuned in to his frequency? [Part 1 of Isaiah 55]


where are you?

God is always speaking, but why is it so difficult for us to hear him? Join us as we go back through the creation account. Let’s discover: if God hasn’t changed his love and relationship with humanity…who has changed?


hearing god's voice

God. Is. Speaking. He has since the beginning (as we know it). What did his words accomplish? Let’s go back to the beginning to hear his voice. Our intention is to recognize this baseline of God’s personality to the point where it clicks that he has never stopped. Is he speaking today? Is he speaking to us? Can we hear his voice? Yes. Let’s practice.


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