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PART 11: From Physical to Spiritual

John 4 (b)

What do I need? This week we see how Jesus moves “the woman” in conversation to consider what she truly needs. Ultimately, he says he’s the source of that solution. Can this be true? Can Jesus be the source of all provision? If so, this changes everything! Not just for her, but for all of humanity.

Believe. Live.


PART 10: From Present to Engaged

John 4 (a)

Where am I? Seriously. Can I be somewhere physically but disengaged? Jesus is present in a seemingly random town. He engages with a seemingly random woman and soon she, and her entire town, is forever changed. Can we be like Jesus and not just simply be present but engaged with the people in our spheres of influence for the sake of the gospel?

Believe. Live.


PART 9: Sphere of Influence

John 4

Is my faith just for me? If I were to keep it to myself, would the people in my life miss out on eternal life? What if the Gospel is not about me, but God is gracious to include me in his grand move of life and salvation made available to all humanity? Join us as we discuss the impact of Jesus on an entire town through one woman at the site of an old well.

Believe. Live.


PART 8: Believe and Receive

John 3

The storm is coming. What do we do with a warning? Going through the Bible we see God has given us a warning (wrath = a clean up everything that is wrong) but that we are also in the path of the storm. In today’s text God lovingly tells us he’s taken the blow of the storm for us and provided us the way out: continued belief in Jesus.

Believe. Live.


PART 7: What We Can Expect

John 2

So, what can we expect of Jesus? John 2 sets up the reader of Jesus’ story to know we can expect abundance when our stock runs out, and zeal when we inhibit God’s life amidst our personal lives as well as our community.

Believe. Live.


PART 6: Walking with Jesus

John 1:35-51

Have you ever gone on a long trip with someone? Today we see Jesus inviting new friends on a 70-100 mile journey covering 3 days. These guys move from being curious to committed to following Jesus. How far will I follow Jesus? 

Believe. Live.


PART 5: The Lamb of God

John 1:29, 36

Jesus (aka. the Word) is the “Lamb of God” who takes away the sin of the world. What does this mean and is it really that important? Yes. Yes, it is.

Believe. Live.


PART 4: John “the Preparer”

John 1:19-35

Who was John “the baptist”? A very important figure as it was. He was asked, “Who are you?” The better question we consider is “whose” are you? As we belong to God we must answer “who is HE?”

Believe. Live.


PART 3: God takes on Flesh

John 1: 14-18

100% of Jesus’ humanity completely revealed and connected God and humanity.

Believe. Live.


PART 2: The Light

John 1: 5-13

Jesus (aka. the Word) is the source of light who radiates God’s message of life, coming into the darkness where all humanity exists, to be received or rejected.

Believe. Live.


PART 1: The Word

John 1:1-5

Jesus (aka. the Word) is the pre-existent, uncreated God who is the aspect of God which relates to humanity, and is the agent of creation.

Believe. Live.

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