God’s values that direct us




The Bible is our authority and points us to Jesus, the source of eternal life. Here is one “end of 2018” encouragement to dive deeper into reading, listening and even watching the Bible.




frontier exploration & multiplication

We value joining God on his missional frontier by discovering where he is moving in our lives, allowing him to grow us up to look like Jesus, and finishing strong at the destination he is calling us towards. This includes equipping believers to serve, investing in our future now, church planting, intentional community life and community development.


upholding & incarnating scripture

The Bible is our authority and we value fostering deeper love for God in relationship with him and with one another by immersing ourselves in Scripture and incarnating it in everyday life. This includes Bible study and exploration, training and equipping opportunities, and resourcing our people for deeper life in Jesus.


justice & reconciliation

We value responding to God's voice in our broken world by learning to hear God speaking and responding to his voice in our local, regional and global spheres of influence. This includes prioritizing our time for listening to God's voice (individually and together) and responding in faith and obedience, to see God's just-love come alive in our homes and on our streets, and being present and active in our community today.


gospel presence & proclamation

We value faith in Jesus Christ! We value being present with God's Spirit in our community, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and thus people responding by placing their faith in Jesus first as Savior & maturing continually as Lord. This includes evangelism and building relational equity with regular and new friends. This happens in our families, neighborhoods, market places, communities and beyond.


experiencing relationship & identity

We value being part of God's family as we experience the Spirit's sanctification, transformation, maturity, healing & redemption together in relationship and through continual spiritual parenting (disciples who make disciples). This includes caring for our fellow Christ-imitators, acts of compassion and grace, celebrating life from birth to death, through prosperity and devastation.

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