Why, god, why?

PSALM 55 –  A Second Look w/ Elizabeth

A second look at Psalm 55 for our “Worship Sunday”. Elizabeth helps us reflect through three lenses: 1) Identifying with David, 2) Considering Jesus, and 3) God’s Big Picture.

May 31, 2020   Elizabeth Osterday

PSALM 55 – Cast Your Burdens Unto Jesus  

Jesus told us who are weary and heavy burden to simply come to him. He will trade us burdens. His is easy. His is light. Jesus gives us rest. Will you come and embrace him?

May 24, 2020   Pastor Eric Osterday

PSALM 54 – Turning to God in Times of Need  

King David of old certainly knew rejection. He certainly knew betrayal. David’s expression in Psalm 54 gives us an example of how we turn to the Lord in every circumstance, including hardships. The Lord is the upholder of my life through Jesus alone.

May 17, 2020   Pastor John Eger, Faith Alliance Church (Attleboro, MA)

PSALM 53 – God’s question: Where are we?  

While we may find ourselves asking questions of God, now is the time to stop and listen. God has been asking the same question of every human since our first ancestors: “WHERE ARE YOU?” God never left the relationship he designed us for…we did. It is time to come home.

May 10, 2020   Pastor Eric Osterday

PSALM 52 – God’s Steadfast Love  

When all around you seems fallen, what do you do? Who do you turn to? Amidst one very dark moment King David declared, “The steadfast love of the Lord endures all the day.” Will my faith in God remain like an olive tree that can live over 3000 years?

May 3, 2020   Pastor Nate Marshall, FAITH Alliance Church, Assoc. Pastor

PSALM 51 – David’s Lesson On Humility

God is steadfast in giving us love. When we stop rejecting him and humble ourselves before him, then we are able to receive his steadfast love and mercy. Life is different from this point forward. What will we each leave behind? What has God given us to move us forward?

April 26, 2020  Pastor Eric Osterday

PSALM 50 – Seven Ways to Mute God’s Voice  

God is always speaking. He is speaking now. Why don’t we hear him? Psalm 50 provides seven ways in which every human mutes God’s voice.

April 19, 2020  Pastor Eric Osterday

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