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Fall 2019

Two questions every time

How is God shaping us?

Where has God sent us?


We gather together with a common mission to embrace Jesus more, practice loving one another like Jesus loves us, and join Jesus in redeeming our friends, family, co-workers and more. If God’s Kingdom were to come and his will were to be done in our very lives…what would it look like? This we will explore together.


One of the main concepts we will embrace is being a “family” of people who are living intentionally into the 3 dimensions of life we see Jesus living throughout the scriptures: 

UP — going deeper in our personal relationships with God, listening to His voice and obeying  

IN — fostering Christ-centered friendships with each other and doing life together

OUT — intentionally joining God in his redemptive work within the relationships He’s already given us: our friendships, family, co-workers, and neighbors who do not yet know or welcome Jesus

The Goal

The goal is to help one another become the kind of disciples God is calling us all to become. We want to be disciples who make disciples (who will then, in time, make more disciples)! We will strive to respond to God’s invitation to go deeper into personal relationship with Him, as well as His invitation to go further as representatives of God and His Kingdom in our lives here on earth.

what else?

missional what?!?

A good definition of a missional community is: A group of people forming an extended family that, together, strives to join Jesus on his mission. Similar to a small group (which is a great space for accountability and vulnerability), we will also be a group that meets in a home on a bi-weekly basis for a time food, fellowship, and worship. However, the missional community will be the space where we, like an extended family, will gather around a common mission: to embrace Jesus, love one another, and redeem the people God has already given us to interact with on a consistent basis.

is there a common focus?

Yes! This is a place to PRACTICE being Christians. We pray this will be a welcoming space to experience looking more like Jesus, just like what Jesus provided his disciples and all who came to know him. We will focus on deepening and expanding our faith, friendships and boldness to follow Jesus. We pray this will be a community into which we will soon be inviting other people already in our lives. Who is already in your life that God is ready to redeem through you?  These are not random relationships.

What if?

What if the very people we interact with on a daily basis would come to know Jesus, would look more like him, lead others to know Jesus and beyond? What if our missional communities celebrated God's SHAPING and SENDING each and every week and together witness and encourage redemption within our larger community? What if our Sunday morning celebration was just that...a collection celebration of stories from our Missional Communities of what God is already doing in our midst and the vision He has given us to join Him in loving and redeeming our families, friends, co-workers and beyond? How is God shaping you? Who are the people in your life you are leading to Jesus and loving in Jesus name? Let's do this together, one meal at a time.

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