In these difficult times, faith can be a challenge, and Crossroads nurtures an environment where you can belong even if you're not sure what you believe.  Many of us have struggled with our faith and wondered if there was a place we could go if the only things we brought with us were questions and doubts.  Crossroads is that place.
Discover together with us that belief isn't just a moment, it's a process we are all going through.  Come and belong to a loving community, embark on a journey of belief, and become all that a loving God created you to be. 
New Small Groups
- Starting in November -
A new round of Small Groups will begin the week of November 2nd!  As a church, we'll be exploring a workbook curriculum called Experiencing God.  We went through the course a couple of years ago and many of us asked of a repeat.  Don't miss out on what God is doing in our midst!  This coming Sunday, you'll have an opportunity to sign up for a group.  See the Elders if you have any questions, or if you want more information. 


The Parsonage Project
We are are the final stages of interior painting and are wrapping up work on refinishing the deck.  Regular work hours will be Saturday mornings, from 9:00AM to 12:00 NOON.  If you have some time to give to the project at any time, please contact our Deacon of Building and Maintenance Carl Campbell or one of the Team Captains [please see the project webpage].  This project has been a blast, loads of hard work and fellowship, and we welcome your help!

 Here are some of Crossroads' ongoing ministries:




"It's not just another breakfast, anymore!

The Bible tells us, in 1 Corinthians16:13-14, "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love."  This isn't just a call to fellowship, it's a call to action.  Proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel is the definition of any church's manhood.  Thus, we are called to build up our fellowship in order to build up each other, and thereby build up the community around us, bearing the Love of Christ to a broken and hurting world.  We invite all the men of Crossroads to join us in this effort on the last Saturday morning of each month:  every one of you has a contribution to our work that you and only you can make.  Be courageous, or as the KJV put it, "Quit ye like men!"
Please join us for CrossTraining, our Adult Sunday School class, held each Sunday from 9:00AM to 9:45AM, in Classroom 2 at the church.  Please join us for our twelve-week Fall Series on the Gospel of Luke. Come explore this question with us as we learn how to follow Him better an obey His voice. The series begins on September 21st. Classes are interactive and geared to all levels of familiarity with the Bible. Should any CrossTraining class need to be cancelled, it will be noted in the Announcements column.


Leader Corps
"Therefore go and make disciples ..."

Are you currently a leader here at Crossroads?  Do you sense a call to help disciple others as they grow in their walk with Jesus?  We'd love to have you join us at LeaderCorps, our monthly meeting devoted to the equipping and encouragement of those among us who are called to leadership!  It is especially prudent during our time of transition to have leaders step up and help out!  Leader Corps meets regularly on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00AM in Classroom 2!  Should any LeaderCorps class need to be cancelled, it will be noted in the Announcements column.

 First Friday

The first Friday of every month, we gather as a church family to lay our hearts before the Lord and lift our burdens up to Him in an act of obedience and faith.  Experience the power of group prayer as we gather together as the body of Christ and lay our hearts before the Lord's feet.  Everyone is encouraged to attend!  Join us at 7:00PM in the Crossroads Sanctuary!  Should any First Friday gathering need to be cancelled, it will be noted in the Announcements column.
An oasis may be a place in the desert where weary travelers can find water and rest in the shade of a tree. It may also be a place or a time that offers rest and relief from chaos or trouble. Are you looking for rest and relief in your journey of faith, do you need prayer support in your ministry or upcoming life event, or do you simply want a bit more prayer after the service? If so, please join us on the third Sunday of each month in Classroom 2, right after the service, for a brief time of spiritual replenishing we call Oasis. Come when you can, leave when you must, but be filled with the blessings of God!

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